Part L 2021 and Future Homes Standards

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This CPD brought to you by Darren Evans and hosted by Darren or Mike, considers the changes to Part L 2021 and how best to adapt to these changes. Throughout this we will cover:
  • The Part L ‘uplift’ and what that means – discussing why this is NOT the Future Homes Standard
  • Timelines to Net Zero Carbon
  • What will change and how to manage risk
Please be aware:
  • We run sessions for 4-20 attendees (If you have more than 20 attendees please book two sessions and specify this as the reason) Haven't got enough attendees? Follow this link to view our on-demand CPD.
  • This is a free session aimed to assist your thinking on future and upcoming projects.
  • We do offer a recording of the session if you are happy to cover the £190 cost of editing. (Please contact Kesheba, [email protected] to enquire on this)
  • The session is roughly an hour long.
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