On 24th June 2017, our Code Assessor Angela Wood took part in the Race for Life Pretty Muddy held at Cheltenham Racecourse.

Race for Life Pretty Muddy is a brilliant 5k muddy obstacle course along the side of Cheltenham’s famous Racecourse.  Angela scrambled over the A-frame, crawled through the mud pit whilst having fun and raising valuable funds for beating cancer.

‘It was a really good experience because everyone had the same goal, and the event is made into an enjoyable and fun experience because of the mud and obstacles.  I completed the course with my daughter which was special as this is something close to our hearts, as my Nan passed away due to Cancer and my dad is a Cancer survivor, so to do this together and celebrate them was a great experience’. said Angela.

Pretty Muddy® isn’t like any other fundraising event.  It's a muddy obstacle course that women of any ability can climb over, crawl under, and charge through.  Learn more about it here.
To support Angela, please visit her fundraising page

10 for 10

This year it is Darren Evans Assessments 10 Year Anniversary and instead of holding a celebratory event we as a team, have decided to undertake 10 charity events during the course of the next 12 months.  We have a mixture of team events, as well as individuals taking part in charity fundraising booked which all contribute.

‘We are delighted that the team have embraced this idea and collectively we are working to one common goal that contributes to supporting many organisations’. Said Beth Price, Marketing Manager.