This project encompassed a new basement and wine cellar to a luxury mansion in Scotland. As part of the brief for this project we needed to ensure that the wine cellar maintained a consistent 16°C over the course of the year and humidity below 70.

Wine should be stored at the correct temperature to ensure a wine’s flavour and balance remains. Temperature is imperative to ensure that wine does not age prematurely or be ruined by its storage conditions so it is very important to adhere to optimal wine storage temperatures and conditions.

One of the challenges we faced during the assessment was that some of the new internal fixtures, alcoves and vaulted ceilings were pre-fabricated and already ordered off-site and had to fit the pre-approved basement dimensions. We had to take this in to consideration as these elements gave limited space to install insulation levels above and beyond building regulation targets, as well as restricted space to incorporate adequate natural ventilation.

As part of the Thermal Modelling Assessment we were able to specify fabric levels and design the ventilation and cooling system and keep humidity down within the correct levels to meet the clients brief.

Sector: Residential
Services: Thermal Assessment