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Your Building Control body will normally confirm the forms of construction to be tested. As each development is different involving us as early as possible in the project will help the process greatly.

“We can advise on the amount of sound testing needed to satisfy the requirements of your building control officer,” says Sam Pile, senior test engineer at Darren Evans.

If Robust Details are registered for your site, pre-completion testing may not be required.

We aim to provide you with reports for your Building Control Officer with a quick and reliable turnaround time.

Our services include:

We have many years of testing experience, which means that your project will be expertly dealt with by our team of acoustic consultants.

When you book us for a sound test we will:

  • Do more than just support you to meet the relevant standards
  • We always strive to go above and beyond for all our customers
  • We make the booking process easy for you and our engineers will quickly respond to any questions you have
  • When we’re on site we’ll work with you to identify and sort any potential issues.

Top tips

  1. Have an acoustical design review at an early stage When the architect puts detailed drawings together, get an acoustic consultant to look at them to make sure they comply with the various requirements of sound tests.“Bad design is the problem in 25-30% of sound tests that fail so this alleviates that,” explains Sam.
  2. Make sure your site is quiet when we test This is really important as having high background noise from trades both inside and outside of the units can have a massive effect on the test data.
  3. Make sure the flanking elements to the main detail that’s being tested are robust enough “Weak flanking details will cause lots of problems,” says Sam.

Watch out for: 

“Some developments are required to achieve better results than the Building Regulation standard. We can help you navigate this process to ensure the project runs as smoothly as possible,” says Sam.
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Next steps

We offer Part E Pre-completion testing at a competitive rate and can carry out testing nationwide. For support with sound testing, we need the following from you:
  1. Detailed drawings: architects’ plans, party floors and walling
  2. Progress of build: where the project is as scheduling sound testing at the right time is very important.
We’ll then send you a checklist, run through everything and book a time for a site visit As a quiet site at the time of testing is so vital, we can be flexible around testing times to ensure the cleanest set of test data possible.
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