Sustainability and energy statements

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The climate emergency means more and more councils are focused on low carbon construction.

But there is considerable variation across the UK and knowing what each council requires and why is far from simple.

For instance, some local authorities now insist that new buildings are future proofed against temperature rises in the 2050s and even 2080s.

We can help you navigate the complexity and remove the uncertainty.

If, like so many developers, you want to go beyond just meeting building regulations, we offer low carbon consultancy to help you create sustainable spaces where people can thrive and be the best version of themselves.

Top tips

  1. Find out your area’s policy as early as you can Every council’s planning requirements for sustainability and energy statements are slightly different. The earlier you know, the easier it is to incorporate what’s required into your designs. Leaving it to the last minute limits your options. A council’s requirements are usually detailed in their CORE strategy
  2. Understand what flexibility you have We can help you understand how much focus to give to renewables, carbon and energy efficiency – it all depends on the focus of the relevant planning authority.
  3. Don’t forget about sustainability and energy statements while you’re building It sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised at how easy this is to do.

Watch out for: 

There is huge variation between councils – we can cut through the complexity and advise you on what’s needed.
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