Ben Westall

Energy & Sustainability Consultant

How I support clients: I take the time to understand the nature of the challenge myself, whether on a specific project or individual query. Then I listen to the client, making sure to take thorough notes about their concerns and what I can do to help the situation. Finally, I endeavour to provide a level of service that is both satisfactory to the client and produced efficiently.

The type of problems I solve: My expertise is in new build residential assessments, specifically SAP. I have a strong knowledge base in Part L1a of building regulations and have experience in refurb (L1b), sustainability statements, and existing dwelling assessments (RdSAP).

Professional background and qualifications: I have worked as an energy and sustainability consultant for three years, starting in the industry as a graduate. My undergraduate degree is in Biology from Royal Holloway, the University of London, and I have a postgraduate degree in Environmental Consultancy from the University of Plymouth.

In my career, the thing I'm most proud of is: I have achieved accredited On-Construction Domestic Energy Assessor status. Also, I have written multi-page reports about new building regulations that were praised highly by the client along with blog posts about renewable technology posted publicly on social media.

Outside of work: I like to stay active. I try to go to the gym at least four times a week, and I love getting on my bike and exploring the surrounding area, specifically Dartmoor. I have a group of friends that I’ve had since school, and I love getting together with them to watch football with a couple of beers. I also enjoy cooking and going to restaurants; I take food far too seriously!

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