Kesheba Evans

Marketing Executive

How I support clients: I support clients by working behind the scenes. One of these areas is ensuring they have a positive and straightforward experience when accessing our website and contact details.

The type of problems I solve: I thrive at solving problems independently. My tasks are almost always digital, so it isn't usually plain sailing. If I cannot solve the problem, I'll utilise my team members, the internet, and external stakeholders.

Professional background and qualifications: This is the beginning of an exciting career where I hope to learn continuously. I have just completed my Level Three qualification In Business Administration with Darren Evans Ltd and am now moving on to marketing, an industry I am very passionate about.

In my career, the thing I'm most proud of is my willingness to try new things. Although it may not always go to plan, I always learn something new! 

Outside of work, I love travelling around the country in my little car Celia. I also enjoy video editing, makeup art, cooking, and trying food in exotic destinations.

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