Sam Pile

Senior Test Engineer

How I support clients:  I carry out site-based testing and consultancy. 

Our clients can benefit from my many years of site-based testing and consultancy skills gained from over 12 years of real-world experience in the testing industry. 

I am quickly able to put clients at ease in the case of failures and can advise on the best course of action to achieve compliance.  

I have a wealth of industry experience, and I have tested every type of unit ranging from passive houses to large flagship hospitals and commercial units. Whatever kind of construction you may have for your project, I can offer clear and concise guidance and advice to help achieve compliance. 

The type of problems I solve:  I can solve multiple problems related to air and sound testing. This includes spending that extra bit of time on-site with the site management team when a unit has failed the air test. I’ll advise them of the failure areas and what remedial actions can be undertaken.  

If the remedial action is minor, I will stay with the site team while they carry out the works and then re-test the unit, usually resulting in a pass and compliance achieved. Sometimes site logistics have a part to play in the testing schedule, and this is an area that I can work around and accommodate with my flexible approach to site-based testing. 

Sound testing problems that usually arise are again linked to site logistics and conditions, and this can generally be worked around. I will try my best to accommodate these conditions where possible. Sound insulation testing advice and design reviews can be undertaken to help locate the more difficult failure areas. 

Professional background and qualifications:  I have worked in the construction industry for 18 years. I started as an apprentice plumber and worked hands-on in this role for six years before switching to air and sound testing.  

Using my in-depth knowledge of construction details and building methods gained from working hands-on in the building industry, I was able to apply the methods I learned to the testing side of the industry. 

I am a Level 2 ATTMA registered test engineer with 12 years of testing experience. I currently hold construction-related higher qualifications (BTEC Level 3 in Construction) and an up to date CSCS card. 

I hope to add the Institute of Acoustics Diploma to this qualifications list sometime soon. 

In my career, the thing I’m most proud of  is being a small part of one of many possible solutions to the climate crisis. I am very interested in green technology, especially within the construction industry.  

Working as a test engineer and operating within Part L of the Building Regulations allows me to play a small part in helping to contribute to the overall problem. I am forward-thinking in terms of what we can do as an industry, as well as individuals, to help advance our building technology and use it to help build a more sustainable future.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my young family exploring the wonderful outdoor spaces that are near to us. I am also a very keen golfer and can be found most weekends trying to string together the ever-elusive good round!  

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