French Weir: a single semi-detached residential development in Taunton aimed at the affordable housing market and supported by Homes England


Amos Ellis Consulting Ltd
A fabric-first approach helped build two zero-carbon operational homes. Drawing credit: Amos Ellis Consulting Ltd

Achieving low carbon, energy-efficient affordable homes

Combining the creation of zero-carbon operational homes with a low carbon build

The challenge

Amos Ellis Consulting was asked to build two zero carbon affordable homes for French Weir Affordable Homes. Gideon Amos, director at Amos Ellis Consulting, says he was determined to achieve a low carbon build and zero For us it is crucially important to move to zero carbon in our lives and in our work.

The solution

  • A fabric-first approach on the build to ensure the homes would be as well insulated as possible to minimise the need for heating. This included designing space for 400mm wall insulation and high-quality double-glazing
  • A zero carbon energy solution: the combination of photovoltaic panels on the roof, an air source heat pump and a waste water heat recovery system


  • The fabric-first approach and triple tech solution of PV panels, an air source heat pump and a waste water heat recovery system combined to meet Gideon’s goals of creating zero carbon operational homes at the lowest price.“Gideon really went the extra mile here,” says Brandon Wipperfurth, senior sustainability and energy consultant at Darren Evans.“With the heat pump and PV panels his homes were already sitting at a 94% carbon reduction but his decision to add the waste water heat recovery system will take him way past 100%.”
Brandon at Darren Evans was incredibly helpful and positive about our project right from the get go. “He really enabled us to achieve a zero-carbon building at a reasonable cost.
Gideon Amos, Director
Amos Ellis Consulting Ltd

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