Residential development in Lockleaze, Bristol


Climate weather files were used to do an overheating analysis for 2050 and 2080. Photo credit: Tom Russell, architect

Overheating modelling future-proofs residential development against climate change in 2080

Local council wanted to protect against overheating risk in 60 years’ time

The challenge

This project was for a residential development of 47 new houses, 25 flats and two bungalows.
  • Protecting against overheating risk in 2020, 2050 and 2080 was a planning condition from Bristol City Council

The solution

“As well as doing SAP calculations on all the housing types, we did a future-proofed overheating analysis,” explains Anthony Dale, senior sustainability consultant  at Darren Evans. “Using CIBSE TM59 overheating modelling we were able to model the temperature of each room in the house over a year to ensure that the temperature was not going to exceed acceptable temperatures,” says Anthony. “We also used climate weather files to do an overheating analysis for 2050 and 2080 to assess the future risk of overheating and provide advice to help mitigate any potential future


  • Compliance modelling to ensure planning and regulation targets were hit
  • Comfort modelling to ensure the buildings are comfortable for all, now and in 60 years
  • A 20% reduction in COemissions from low carbon and renewables
  • A total 52.93% reduction in COemissions with help from heat pumps
“Darren Evans were able to give me a futureproofed solution to a mixed tenure housing scheme focusing on the longer-term health and wellbeing of the residents and homeowners. “I felt empowered as a result of the advice that I received from the team. “I have worked with the team for many years and have found the knowledge, skill and service level to be of the highest standard.”
Rob Ackerman, pre-construction manager

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