Brandon Wipperfurth

Senior Sustainability and Energy Consultant

How I support clients:  I support my clients by being pedantic, knowledgeable, precise, and just generally awesome. If you want a bunch of honest feedback and practical, pragmatic advice, I’m your man.

The type of problems I solve:  I solve complex puzzles that happen to be buildings in real life. I maximise, find efficiencies, and help the clients get to their regs requirements or specific goals. I aim to help the clients meet their specific goals, in the most efficient way possible.

Professional background and qualifications:  I have a BSc in Ecology, Environmental Biology and Chemistry.  I have an MSc in Environmental Sustainability. I have 10ish years of site experience as I used to be an on-site insulator, mainly M&E, but also some fabric work for houses. I am also SAP, CfSH, PSI Values and PHPP certified.

I now sit behind my computer and model up whole buildings and have all the qualifications required to be considered competent to do so.

I’m most proud of educating my clients and customers about sustainability. The whole reason we are in this industry is we are trying to make and build more sustainable and better houses and buildings.

Better places where people can chill or live. We have to, as a society, make massive changes in the next 10 years if we are to mitigate the worst of the environmental changes that are coming. I like at least, in some small part, being at the table of that discussion.

Outside of work I like, reading, playing ultimate frisbee and eating nice food.  And I like dark ales/beer, none of that awful, tasteless water you people call lager.

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