Darren Evans


How I support clients:  I understand our client's aspirations or needs and bring that to a reality with the resources I have in my team and my contacts. 

The type of problems I solve:  I solve the complex issue of reaching sustainability aspirations in a clear, progressive, and financially viable way.  

Professional background and qualifications:  19 years' business experience with some of the worlds most influential organisations.  I also have sustainability experience with Stanford, UWE, Salford and Bath Universities

In my career, the thing I'm most proud of  is setting up an organisation that has a massive impact on the way the world can be more sustainable and making it one of the best places to work.

Outside of work, I enjoy making my wife smile and encouraging my four children to develop their talents.

I enjoy public speaking and working with young people who feel disadvantaged in life. I also provide free mentoring sessions for young people who feel disaffected by the education system. I enjoy spending time training my intelligent Labrador Retriever Bella'. 

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