Nathan Boyle

Senior Energy Assessor

How I support clients: This varies daily. I work with a myriad of clients, from people building their forever home to housing developers creating homes on a mass scale.

Every job has its unique challenges. This could be as simple as calculating a U-value to allow the build to get a step closer to completion, to looking at all feasible options to improve the energy performance of a development to reduce build costs.

The type of problems I solve:  There is no one solution for every scenario; buildings are constructed from different materials and insulations. Obtaining compliance with regulations can be achieved by applying the knowledge that we at Darren Evans have acquired and sharing that with our clients.

Professional background and qualifications is renewable technologies. I completed my bachelor’s degree in Renewable Energy Technologies from the University of Exeter back in 2008. I later applied the skills I learnt in my degree working for a renewable energy installer who installed biomass boilers, air and ground source heatpumps and photovoltaic panels for domestic and commercial buildings.

This was where I got my first taste of what was involved as an energy assessor as the technologies that we were installing were impacting on our end clients EPCs. I’ve been with Darren Evans for the past four years and am a qualified energy assessor. 

The most satisfying element of the job is the modelling of buildings. It gives you a feeling of the building, who the end-users are and how they intend to use the building once construction has been completed. 

With regards to what I am most proud of, I am not that kind of person. The proud moment is a fleeting one. I am more reflective; what did I do well? What can be done better? How do I make myself more efficient and productive? If a project didn’t go to plan what can I learn from it to be sure it doesn’t happen again? Do I take pride in my job? Absolutely, I only take on things that interest or challenge me. This job does both, and I thoroughly enjoy it.

Outside of work, I am passionate about sport and fitness. I try to follow most sports. I enjoy and relish competition and what athletes do to ensure they are at the peak of their powers for their respective sports.

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