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BREEAM excellence status was a funding requirement for a vital helicopter terminal. Photo credit: Greg Caygill

Carbon negative helicopter terminal created

BREEAM excellence status achieved for vital flight services to small islands

The challenge

The solution

  • A carbon negative terminal building: 20 KW peak solar PV was added to the roof of the building to help create a carbon negative terminal building.
  • BREEAM services: Darren Evans provided a BREEAM assessment incorporating the Accredited Professional service.
  • This included a whole host of associated BREEAM services such as:
    • Thermal modelling
    • Passive design analysis
    • A low zero carbon feasibility study
    • An impact study investigating fabric and materials used in the building design
    • Full materials credits under BREEAM, including exemplary credits, functional adaptability study and commercial air testing.
  • SBEM calculations were also provided SBEM calculations were also provided to ensure Building Regulations Part L compliance and to calculate the Ene01 credits for the BREEAM calculation.


  • The building is about to be certified as Excellent under BREEAM
  • Carbon negative SBEM. The SBEM achieved outstanding under Ene01 with 15 credits (maximum of 12x BREEAM credits + 3x Innovation credits)
  • A zero-carbon building with an A+ energy rating
“Penzance Heliport was the first project that we have completed with a BREEAM requirement. While we were aware of the BREEAM process we were not entirely familiar with all of the mechanisms of how it works. “We found that the support offered by the team at Darren Evans enabled us to meet the criteria successfully. “We would suggest that any contractor new to BREEAM seeks the guidance offered by a specialist consultant in order to attain the desired result in the most efficient way.”
Rob Barrows, contracts manager
Symons Construction

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